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Uncle Maddio's Pizza -  Create Your Own 10 inch w/drink
3912 Lenox Ave
Suite 320
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Uncle Maddio's Pizza - Create Your Own 10 inch w/drink   View Item / Website


Uncle Maddio’s Pizza. It’s a place where everything is fresh, from the pizza dough that’s made in-store each day to the veggies we prepare every morning.  It’s a place with almost limitless options. First you choose whether you want a handmade pizza, gourmet salad or foldwich. Our pizza has 3 different dough options, 6 different sauce options and over 45 different cheese, meat or veggie toppings.  It’s a place where you build the pizza … without getting your hands dirty. You talk directly to the pizza maker and tell them exactly what you want. “A little more of this.” “A little less of that.” “And can I add that too?” Until it’s exactly how you want it.  It’s a family joint. It’s a hangout. If you’re looking for a restaurant franchise, it’s a perfect, new franchise opportunity.  It’s a place where all this comes together to make the perfect pizza. Your perfect pizza. So come to Uncle Maddio’s and see if it’s your kind of place.

This $12.44 C'Ville DollarSaver certificate is good for one 10 inch create your own". Includes as many toppings as you would like plus a drink. Cannot be combined with any other offers or used for gratuity. Tax included.


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